Rudroff Family :: Sunrise Session at the Farm

(1.) These guys belong in magazines. For real. (2.) I need a farm.

As a lot of photographers can agree, sunset or "golden hour" is prime session time. This session was scheduled for sunset but the forecast was predicting super hot temps which would have been miserable for this expecting mama.  Megan, Layne and Ridley braved an EARLY morning to do a sunrise session on the farm at their home instead.

Look how gorgeous they were while most people were still in bed!!! As soon as they walked out I thought "You're going to take a million pictures and have soooooo many favorites...". I was 100% right. I mean, look at Ridley's outfit! That romper. Those shoes. Her curls. And Megan in her dress with that perfect baby bump!!! I just couldn't stop clicking the shutter button. 

Another thing that made the session flow so well was that they were so relaxed. After the session, I commented to Megan about how well the session went because they were so chill. She said that the day before she had discussed with Layne that they weren't going to stress on it, just have a good time and if they got a few good pictures they'd be happy. YOU GUYS. This helps tremendously!!! Kids can tell if you're stressed or anxious and they feed off that energy. I'm pretty sure you can tell that there were only happy feelings during this session! 

This is one of my favorite sessions to date! I even stopped at the end of their driveway to share a back-of-camera image on instagram and snapchat because I was SOOOO excited. Well go ahead and see for yourself! >>>>

When you look super fab but the grass still needs cut...