Q & A

"The department store studio doesn't have any openings, can I book with you?"

Did you look at my work? Like, really look? If you like my style, I'd love to work with you! Please reach out through the contact form for available dates!

"I don't really like your humor. Will you be more serious at our session?"


"How many images will we receive?

This varies based on the type of session. The amount of images per session is listed in the “Pricing” section of the website. Images are chosen by me after the session and are hand edited artistically. 

"Can I get all the RAW images?"

Raw images cannot be purchased individually, but the entire set of raw images may be purchased for a custom fee set by the photographer (raw image set pricing starts at $2,000). 

"Are there certain types of people or couples you won't work with?

Oh, yes. Due to strong beliefs, I absolutely cannot work with anyone who is mean to animals. Frankly, I'm not at all experienced with that species of human. It's not even normal to hate animals. Ew.

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