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You. Looking awesome. Cameras flashing. People screaming “Over here!” “Who are you wearing?!” Except it’s just me, not screaming questions, making funny awkward comments instead. I don’t care who you’re wearing. Your photos don’t end up in Us Weekly. They’re on your walls, your Save The Dates, your grandma’s refrigerator. I’m not the paparazzi but I can be your photographer.


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Photo creds: Chelsea Smith Photo & Design

Photo creds: Chelsea Smith Photo & Design

I’m a photographer. I like typical photographer things like coffee, traveling and meeting cool people.

I can usually be found watching fail videos on Youtube and drinking cold coffee (not to be confused with iced coffee. Mine became cold by neglect, not on purpose. But I like purposely cold coffee too.)

Let’s get this party started.

- Teri Ann


currently binging: Grey’s Anatomy (again), Dead to Me

food of the month: coffee, always coffee




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