Downtown Carnival :: Salute to America

7.4.17 Downtown Carnival | Salute to America 

For the last few years, Curtis and I have taken the boys downtown for the Fourth of July festivities. I don't know that they technically call it a "carnival" but I think that makes it sound way more fun. We usually walk around checking out the vendors and make a few stops at different food trucks, one of them ALWAYS being Dippin' Dots. I just can't resist those delicious mysteriously crafted ice cream balls **insert inappropriate joke here**. Seriously, they're freaking delicious.

We usually leave with some kettle corn from Ready Popped and this year Luke and Kara had pork rinds so of course we had to grab a couple bags of those too. Thank goodness we weren't parked too far away because it was sooo hot (or I'm just a sissy) and i did not want to carry my bag, camera, and practically a small grocery trip all around downtown. 

We watched a hot dog eating contest and I'm not even ashamed at how entertaining I found it only slightly disappointed I hadn't pulled out my camera yet. I think the winner ate 23 hotdogs in 10 minutes!! Connor took his first ride on a "grown-up" ride...and promptly appeared to pass out. He claims he didn't, but his head was practically between his knees the ENTIRE ride. I -almost- felt bad for laughing. The swings were a little more his and Archie's speed ; )

It was pretty busy so we decided to get fast food and park in a parking lot facing the action. BEST DECISION EVER. The kids sat in the grass and watched the fireworks while the radio broadcast played in the car nearby. The firework show was great and the finale was awesome! Our location made it super easy to leave at the end of the night too.

Jefferson City puts a lot of work into the Salute to America celebration and it's a great way for families to enjoy downtown!  Check out their website here or their facebook here for more info!