Veit :: Marshall is one!


I can't believe this little train conductor is an entire year old already!

I still remember taking Erica's maternity pictures and then visiting her and Matt in the hospital for Marshall's fresh 48 session. It was raining when I showed up and I got my messy bun caught in my umbrella on my way in and had to untangle it in the lobby (I'm glad I could entertain a few passersby lol).

I clearly remember me and my very messy bun getting lost on the way to their room until finally finding it (only after trying to go in a restricted area....oops). Marshall was so tiny and Matt and Erica were two VERY happy new parents. I remember the lighted board with mom & baby's information, the stuffed Paw Patrol Marshall they'd been gifted, both excited grandmothers and the great view they had from their room.

And now Marshall is a whole dang year old.

I can't believe my job let's me experience the joy of watching others become parents, watching babies become children, and reliving the memories every time I photograph them.