Wedding Questionnaire

Well, this officially means the wedding is close! I can’t wait to get this back and see what all you have planned!

*Make sure you have a good little while to complete this form, it doesn’t save your progress so you’ll need to do it in one sitting!

Name (Client 1) *
Name (Client 1)
Name (Client 2) *
Name (Client 2)
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Where will the bride have her final preparations (finishing touches/getting in dress)?
Does the groom (Client 2) want getting ready photos? (Photographer will be required to leave bridal (Client 1) prep or it must be factored in to the timeline.)
Please provide information for at least one emergency contact.
Name and address of ceremony location.
An event guide can be greatly beneficial in assisting to gather individuals for photos. If you have an event guide please list their name.
Family Group Photos
Please select all photo groupings you would like:
While every effort will be made to get all desired images, we all know how crazy weddings are and things may happen to prevent this. Please take into consideration any time constraints or limitations that could be an issue.
(divorces, deaths, etc.)
(parents, siblings, grandparents)
(parents, siblings, grandparents)
Are there any special traditions or events taking place during your ceremony or reception (e.g. lantern lighting, releasing doves, etc.)?
Please list the location you would like to use for newlywed and wedding party portraits (typically outdoor somewhere close to either the ceremony or reception location). Be sure to factor in time for these portraits + travel time to/from the location.
If you had to choose one, which photos are the most important to you? *
First look with groom, dad, mom, dog, child, bridesmaids, etc. List any & all!
Please provide your mailing address after the wedding
Please provide your mailing address after the wedding
Have you already prepared a timeline for the day's events? If so, please send it to! The following are recommended time minimums: - 30-45 minutes for church/post ceremony portraits - 45 minutes for off-site couples portraits & wedding party portraits - 20-30 minutes for Sunset Getaway portraits of just the newlyweds
Vendor Information
Please list the name of your vendors for the following so I can be sure to tag/give credit when posting!
Please include the store/boutique where you purchased your gown.
(lighting, linens, officiant, musician, other rentals, etc)