It's hard choosing a photographer, but it's even harder to pick your wardrobe for your session!

Let me help you out ;)


Check out my wardrobe ideas on Pinterest!

Matchy-Matchy is a no-no.

Coordinate color groups, but don't put your entire family in khakis and polos. There are TONS of resources for wardrobe ideas. 

Dress Up

I freaking love when clients go all out with pretty dresses, blazers, and suspenders for the littles :) 

Do me a solid

Have fun, but don't go too crazy with prints and patterns. Tiny prints will look psychedelic and certain styles will not be in fashion forever. Classic solid colors will never go out of style and are always complimentary. PS- Neon colors are fun but don't look as good in photos as they do on the garage sale section of the classifieds, just sayin'....

Do you hate your photographer???

No? Then for the love of all that is holy, wear decent shoes. Please do not wear (or let your family wear) tennis shoes with bright yellow shoelaces, muddy boots or anything else that will take away from your beautiful faces!

Shops I Love

Sydney's Seed - Adorable custom girl's clothing (and semi-local!)

H&M - Cheap and so cute! They have clothes for the whole family too!

Lacey Lane - Children's clothing to die for

Dollcake - Have a daughter?? Your bank account is about to hate me...

Anthropology - Amazeballs grown up clothes

Free People - Fancy stuff!

And for my boudoir clients:

Adore Me - Cute and inexpensive

Agent Provocateur - Holy hotness

Free People - Check out the Lace Shop

Anthropology - Pretty girly stuff!